[VIDEO] Flight Tests – Ep.1: Why flight tests are necessary

Why are flight tests necessary? Flight testing is performed to ensure the aircraft complies with certification and safety requirements, and meets operational needs.

During the flight test campaign we perform specific certification demonstrations, assess general handling qualities, engines and operational performances, in many specific conditions (cold weather, high altitude airports,…). We also check aircraft noise emission and systems operations in real life. So buckle up and sit back, as you’re in for a ride!

Flight Tests – Ep.2: First Flights

The first flight of a new aircraft is always a special moment – it’s when an aircraft comes to life! It also represents the very first evaluation of the handling characteristics and systems in real flight conditions. It also prepares the start of the #FlightTest campaign by making sure all aircraft systems operate safely to further progress in the flight test campaign. Watch along and put yourself in the pilot’s seat!