Tecnam unveils new logo

Tecnam is excited to unveil its new company logo, a fresh and modern update that reflects the company’s evolution and growth.

The company, founded in 1948 by two brothers, Luigi and Giovanni Pascale, spanning across several aviation eras, initially with Partenavia then, in the 80’s, with Tecnam. When the Pascale brothers founded Tecnam, the General Aviation market was going through one of its most difficult times.

Tecnam’s mission at the time was to produce parts for other manufacturers such as Boeing, ATR, Agusta-Westland. In the 90’s, Tecnam took a leading position in the industry by guiding the Light Sport Aviation revolution and today stands on the podium among the top General Aviation manufacturers in the world. Annually Tecnam delivers hundreds of planes to the most recognized flight training organizations, commercial operators and private owners in every single corner of the eastern and western hemispheres.

The Tecnam logo that characterized many years of aviation did a great job during the years, making these Italian aircraft recognized worldwide. To celebrate the important milestone of 75 years in aviation, the Pascale family decided to evolve the current logo to combine both the heritage with the challenges of the future, inspiring a new vision of freedom, passion for flying and care for the planet.

New Logo

As a prominent representation of the company, people and brand, the new logo is dynamic, modern and energetic.

The new logo features a sleek, streamlined design that conveys a sense of forward motion and progress.

Inspired by the universal double wings, that represent the duality of Pascale brothers, the two pillars of Tecnam: the pilot and the manufacturer, both tied together for the passion for aviation, but also the limitless horizons and freedoms that come with pursuing people’s passions as pilots, technicians, or aviators.

Being a global company, with subsidiaries in the US and Australia, represented in more than 60 countries, Tecnam proudly maintains its Italian origins and “made in Italy” creativity.

New Brand Colors

The main color scheme, a vibrant shade of blue, represents the company’s focus on innovation and forward thinking.

The Italian flag incorporated in the brand mark is not only a reference to Italian heritage, but also encompasses a precise statement. The red symbolises passion which is the propeller that moves ahead all our ventures, while the green the commitment for a cleaner, sustainable planet.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new logo, which represents the exciting direction in which our company is heading,” said Giovanni Pascale, Tecnam’s Managing Director. “This fresh design reflects our desire to push boundaries and reach new heights, as we continue to soar higher in the world of aviation. We can’t wait for the world to see it flying around the world!”

The new logo will begin by appearing on Tecnam’s website and all marketing materials immediately. Tecnam encourages its customers and stakeholders to keep an eye out for the new look.