Hello America: First DA50 RG crosses the North Atlantic

Diamond Aircraft Test Pilot Thomas Wimmer at Kulusuk Airport, Greenland / Diamond Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft test pilot, Thomas Wimmer, ferried the brand-new DA50 RG from Wiener Neustadt, Austria to London, Ontario, Canada via the North Atlantic route. This marks a historic milestone for this flagship Continental CD-300 powered aircraft.

“When it comes to crossing the Atlantic in a single engine piston aircraft, nothing beats the DA50 RG. With the reliable 300 HP Continental CD-300 engine, you will have no trouble sourcing Jet-A1 fuel in all parts of the world. The G1000 NXi with GFC700 autopilot make even the most challenging instrument approaches easy to handle,” says Thomas Wimmer, Test Pilot, Diamond Aircraft Austria. „The North Atlantic is often rife with clouds, icing and headwinds on a westward flight. The built-in icing protection system together with the fuel-efficient engine, ensure smooth handling of the DA50 RG in these conditions.”

The DA50 RG has arrived at Diamond Aircraft facility in London, Ontario / Diamond Aircraft

“Congratulations to our partners at Diamond as the DA50 RG reaches its newest milestone. During the development of the CD-300, the Jet-A piston engine was tested in extreme conditions to prepare for real-life scenarios, such as this lengthy overwater flight.

It is this type of strenuous testing coupled with technological advances like the single engine power lever, that allows the pilot to focus on cockpit management while flying the engine with confidence and ease,” says Sanjib Kumar, Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President for Continental Aerospace Technologies.

Water salute for the DA50 RG at London International Airport, Canada / Diamond Aircraft

“We are proud of this remarkable achievement,” says Liqun (Frank) Zhang, CEO of Diamond Aircraft Austria. “We have always known that the DA50 RG is a game changer for General Aviation. This flight highlights the reliability and performance of this amazing aircraft. Every pilot seeking the best single engine piston option out there must consider the DA50 RG. I am honored to work with such a wonderful team of enthusiastic and well-trained staff and partners.”

Ferry route from Austria to Canada / Diamond Aircraft

“This is a monumental milestone for the DA50 RG program and for Diamond Aircraft,” says Scott McFadzean, CEO of Diamond Aircraft Canada. “We have been looking forward to seeing the DA50 RG in North America and to show it off to our customers.”

Facts & Figures – First North Atlantic Crossing DA50 RG:
Time period: 3 days from 6 to 9 July 2021
Legs: 10
Distance: 4,410 nm
Total airborne time: 29.4 hrs
Longest leg over water: 400 nm
Longest leg overall (with additional ferry tank installed): 670 nm
Average consumption per hour: 12.7 US gal

DA50 RG Debuts at EAA AirVenture

Diamond Aircraft is thrilled to announce the debut of the DA50 RG at EAA AirVenture 2021 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, from July 26th to August 1st at Wittman Regional Airport.

The US order book for the DA50 RG will be opened at EAA AirVenture with first deliveries commencing in the second quarter of 2022, as soon as FAA validation is obtained.

The brand-new DA50 RG with its special demonstrator livery together with the DA62, DA42-VI, DA40 NG and DA20-C1 is on display at booth number 9 on James Ray Blvd.

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