Sonaca Aircraft develops a utility version of the Sonaca 200

Sonaca Aircraft

At the request of Stemme Belgium (in collaboration with Stratos Solution), Sonaca Aircraft has fitted a Sonaca 200 with a payload. Equipped with a Lidar and an RGB camera, the aircraft will be used (for example) for airborne data collection and maritime and border surveillance missions.

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“An on-board payload typically requires several people on the plane. We were looking to reduce the crew and automate the data acquisition and data management process as much as possible. To do this, we have chosen the Sonaca 200. It’s a light and stable aircraft that is easy to fly, and which allows us to limit the crew to the pilot, in order to simplify operations and, thereby, to democratise airborne data,” says Jean-Philippe Crépin, CEO of Stratos Solution.

Certified in September 2021, the device will initially carry out missions in the Benelux, in Eastern of Germany and Northern France.

Sonaca Aircraft

About Stratos Solution

Stratos Solution, assisted by Stemme Belgium, have provided the integration of the payload on the aircraft, and supervise the developments required for its operation and the exploitation of airborne data. The implementation of the Sonaca 200 is therefore part of a larger project aimed at building the entire value chain, starting from the integration and operation of the aircraft equipped with its payload, up to the post-processing of data (detection by artificial intelligence, detection of change, photogrammetry, etc.) and the provision of reports to end users.

About Sonaca Aircraft

Sonaca Aircraft is a subsidiary of the Sonaca Group, a major stakeholder for over 80 years in the development, manufacture and assembly of advanced aeronautical structures for the civil, military and space markets. With a start-up capital of more than 3 million euros, Sonaca Aircraft is 90% owned by the Sonaca aeronautics original equipment manufacturer.

Sonaca Aircraft’s first objective is the development, certification and marketing of the single-engined two-seater aircraft («Sonaca 200»), which has been specially designed and adapted for pilot training and leisure flights. The Sonaca 200 stands out due to its robust structure which is entirely made of metal, its extremely safe piloting behavior, its high payload mass, and its very low operating cost thanks to the expertise of a worldwide aeronautics group.