Helvetic Airways receives its first Embraer E195-E2

Embraer E195-E2

Helvetic Airways of Switzerland received the first of four new E195-E2 aircraft at Embraer’s facility in São José dos Campos. Helvetic will receive three further E195-E2s by the end of next month, July 2021.

Helvetic ordered 12 E-Jet E2s in 2018 to support its fleet renewal initiative: 8 E190-E2s (already in service) and four E195-E2s (converted from the original E190-E2 order). The airline also holds purchase rights for an additional 12 aircraft. The Helvetic fleet also includes four first-generation E190s. When the three remaining E195-E2s are delivered, the carrier will have a fleet of 16 E-Jets.

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With Embraer, the airline has developed a fleet providing maximum flexibility to deploy its 134-seat E195-E2s, 110-seat E190-E2s, and 112-seat E190s across its European network. Thanks to the common crew type rating for all E-Jets, Helvetic can seamlessly schedule the three different E-Jet models to satisfy variations in demand, maximizing operating economics.


About the E195-E2

The E195-E2’s green attributes are impressive. Compared with the previous generation of the E195, the E2 has a reduced fuel consumption of 25% per seat, saving almost 3000 tonnes of CO2 per year, per aircraft. Nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions have also been also been cut by 30%.

The aircraft, just like its smaller E190-E2 sibling, is also certified to ICAO’s Chapter 14, the most stringent noise certification category. This first-class environmental performance is made possible by complex aerodynamics, innovative wing design, new systems such as full fly by wire, and the latest generation engines from Pratt & Whitney.